The baking rubric contains recipes for cakes made in baking pans, tray-baked cakes, puff pastry, fried dough recipes e.g. Berliner (a German form of donuts filled with jelly) or Mutzenmandeln (special German fried cookies served mostly at Carnival season (Mardi Gras) and Christmas). As well as muffin recipes, brioches and recipes with quark-oil-dough e.g. used for making Stutenkerlchen (manikin shaped cookie served especially around Christmas time) You'll find separate categories for Christmas cookies, cream cakes, cakes with fruit and shortbread. The size of the baking dish is stated in every recipe. I also use small baking pans very often, enough for three people. Just double the recipe if you like to use a larger size. Normally the baking time stays the same. If you like to loose weight but won't pass on a piece of cake it's better to go with a piece of tray-baked apple cake instead of cream cake. Muffins are ideal because you can prepare small amounts and they are also low-fat. In doing so the sugar should be substituted with sweetener. Be careful using sweetener because you will need a smaller amount to get the same sweetness as with sugar.

Thuringian Christmas Stollen

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