This category includes fruit tarts, cream cakes, cheese cakes as well as basic recipes for shortcrust and sponge cake bases. The required spring form pan sizes are mentioned in the recipe. You'll also find recipes for mini-cakes, prepared in a spring form pan with 18 cm / 7.5 inches diameter. Each mini-cake yields about 6 pieces. But you can easily double the ingredients of the mini cake recipes to make a bigger cake. Some of the recipes are pretty time consuming as they are made of different layers like shortcrust, sponge cake and a cream filling. But there are some proís to it. If you are making a large cake the shortcrust base provides a good stand for your cake and also avoids the sponge cake being soaked through. Furthermore itís quite tasteful and the cake keeps longer fresh. You can prepare the shortcrust up to 2 days ahead. It is also an good thing to bake the sponge cake 1 day before serving so you can cut it more easily. Wrap the cake bases in aluminum foil to keep them fresh. The night before you can fill the cake and refrigerate it. Decorate the cake on the day of serving.

Cream Cheese Cake

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