In the category desserts you will not only find traditional recipes like pudding or other desserts but also recipes for fruit salads, ice cream and sweets like roasted caramelized almonds or Beijinho de Coco. The dessert category is divided into sections to have a good overview. Fruit desserts are served different than fruit salads (e.g. with quark, ice cream or pudding). Because you can prepare Tiramisu in many different ways there is an own category for Tiramisu recipes. In the category cream desserts you'll also find recipes made with quark or mascarpone. Desserts that are low in calories are also listed in the diet recipe rubric. You'll be able to make most of the dessert recipes ahead of time and store them covered for 1-2 days in the refrigerator. Large quantities (e.g. for parties) may be served in salad bowls or decorative casserole dishes. If you are preparing desserts just for a few people serve it in small dessert bowls or in decorative glasses. If your kids don't like to eat fruits, try to involve them and let them assist you with the preparation of e.g. a mixed fruit salad - I'm sure they'll like to eat it!


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