Dishes with eggs is a category where you can find inexpensive dishes like pancakes, crepes, omelette or "Kaiserschmarrn" (a cut-up and sugared pancake with raisins). Also have a look at the categories breakfast, dinner or easy recipes. If you thought making sunny side ups is just frying the eggs, you will be amazed how many different ways there are to prepare them. Or vary the style of your egg salad to have a change for dinner or a buffet. If you are an athlete you may enjoy alcohol free drinks or fitness drinks with protein or whole eggs to boost up your energy. Due to the risk of salmonella be very careful preparing drinks or desserts with raw eggs, be mindful of hygiene and only use very fresh eggs. Dishes with eggs are a low calorie food and appropriate to substitude as a main dish during a diet. Enjoying eggs moderately is healthy and a good source of vitamins, protein and minerals.

Eggs a la Pizzaiola

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