Fish is at a discount by many people because of its bones and many do not like the picking. Use fish fillets to prepare fish casseroles, fish kebobs, fish nuggets and fish burgers, they are already unboned. You can prepare almost every recipe with fish fillets. Prepare fried fish with a coating so it stays juicy. Cooked fish is light and easily digestible. Put fish on your BBQ grill in summer time. Kids like fried fish or pasta with fish. Fish is low in calories and does not overload your stomach. That is why fish goes always well with a diet. Fish is very healthy, if possible eat fish once a week. If you are buying fish be sure it is fresh. Fresh fish should have bright eyes (not sunken), flush red gills and glossy scales. Fish should not have a fishy smell. It is best to carry fresh fish in a bag filled with ice cubes.

Calamari with Garlic-Herb Sauce

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