As pork is not very expensive these recipes are also good for hosting a party. Just double or triple the recipes if you have to serve more people. Prepare delicious casseroles or one-pan dishes. Pork is ideal for marinating, grilling or pan frying. Pork roast and shashlik (German style shish kabob) are one of the most popular classics. Serve leftovers of cold pork roast sliced as cold cut or serve it on a cold buffet. Always use good quality pork, rather spend a little more money. If you buy your meat at a butcher store you'll notice differences in quality compared to the meat bought in a supermarket. The meat will be more rosy, juicy and not that though after frying. Meat bought in the supermarket is often pale, looses lots of water during frying and braising and becomes tough and dry. You can also ask your butcher what cut of meat is best for the recipe you have in mind. They will be pleased to help and give you some tips and information.

Glazed Pork Roast

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