Colorful Pasta SauceCoq Au Vin Corn Cakes

Coq Au Vin

40 g / 1.3 oz
20 g / 0.6 oz
250 g / 0.5 lb
250 g / 0.5 lb
50 g / 1.6 oz

16 g / 0.5 oz
125 ml / 0.5 cup
125 ml / 0.5 cup
butter, unsalted
fresh mushrooms
bay leaves
plain flour
vegetable broth
red wine
whole chicken

Serves 3 - 466 cal per serving
Prep-time: 30 min. - Total-time: 90 min.

--> Bami Goreng
Pre-heat the oven to 440 F. In a Dutch oven melt 1/3 oz butter. Fry bacon until crispy. Remove from pot and drain on paper towel. Cut chicken in 4 pieces. Sear chicken, set aside. Add remaining butter. Sauté halved onions, finely diced shallots and halved mushrooms. Remove the vegetables and put chicken pieces back in the pot. Heat cognac in 2 batches, light it up and pour burning cognac over chicken. At the same time joggle the pot to extinguish the flames. Add bay leaf, thyme and garlic slices to the drippings in the pot. Add flour and braise; turning the meat. First cast on the broth and then the red wine. Now add bacon, onions and mushrooms. Cover Dutch oven, put in the pre-heated oven at 440F and let Coq Au Vin cook for 30 minutes. Remove lid and cook for another 15 minutes. Serve with baguette.

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