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Beef Stew

500 g / 1 lb
20 g / 0.3 oz

1 can

125 ml / 4.25 oz
250 ml / 8.5 oz
2 tsp
3 tsp
200 g / 0.5 lb
beef stew
bell pepper
tomato paste
pepper, salt
Cayenne pepper
red wine
hot water
instant broth
gravy thickener

Serves 3 - 642 cal per serving
Prep-time: 30 min. - Total-time: 120 min.

--> Stifado
Heat the shortening (you can also use oil instead of shortening) in a large stewpot and brown the meat. Chop the onions and the garlic, add to the meat and let it braise. Stir in the tomato paste and season with pepper, salt and a little cayenne pepper. Cast on 1/2 cup red wine and solve the fond. Stir well. Cover the pot and simmer for 1.5 hours on medium heat. Stirring once in a while. Wash the green bell peppers thoroughly, remove seeds and cut in chunks. Add to the stew and let braise for about 10 minutes. Dissolve the instant broth in a little warm water and add to the stew. If desired thicken the sauce with starch flour. Serve with noodles.

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