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Beijinho de Coco

14 oz / 1 can
30 g / 1 oz
100 g / 3.5 oz
condensed milk, sweetened
butter, unsalted
coconut flakes

Serves 25 - 88 cal per serving
Prep-time: 15 min. - Total-time: 60 min.
Beijinho de Coco is a Brazilian sweet. It's a treat, which is actually prepared for children birthdays. But it's not only delicious for the little ones. Meanwhile I prepare this treat for every party.. To prepare Beijinho de Coco you will need sweetened condensed milk (don't use evaporated milk!). Pour the milk in a small casserole and add the butter. Heat the condensed milk over medium heat stir constantly, but do not boil. After approx. 10 minutes the creme starts to thicken and you can draw lines with the cooking spoon, so you can see the bottom of the pot for a moment. Now the creme has the right consistency. Pour the creme on a plate and let cool completely to set. Grease your hands lightly with butter and form little Beijinho de Coco (coconut balls). Roll in coconut flakes and put in the refrigerator until serving.

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