Avocado with eggsBackheendl/Fried Chicken Baguette

Backheendl/Fried Chicken


2 tsp
50 g / 1.75 oz
6 tbsp
3 tbsp
whole chicken
lemon juice
plain flour
Bread Crumbs

Serves 3 - 310 cal per serving
Prep-time: 45 min. - Total-time: 45 min.
Remove the giblets and the excessive fat from the chicken. Rinse thoroughly with water and pad dry. Put the chicken on a cutting board, breast side up. Cut off the wings with poultry shears. Use a sharp knife to cut around the legs and separate them from the backside. With a sharp cut along the breastbone divide the breast filets. With the poultry shears cut through the soft breastbone. Loosen both breast halves from the back and cut across. Remove the skin from the breast pieces and the legs. For better cooking cut the legs on the inside toward the bone. Save the back piece of the chicken for making a broth. Season all chicken pieces with salt and sprinkle with lemon juice. First turn them in flour, then in whisked egg and at last in bread crumbs. Heat your deep fryer to 180 C / 350 F. Fry the legs for 10 minutes. The breast pieces need about 5 minutes. Drain on a paper towel. Fry the parsley for about 1 minute and serve with the chicken.

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