Sigara BoerekSliced Cold Roast with Jus Sliced turkey with couscous

Sliced Cold Roast with Jus

300 g / 0.75 lb
1/2 tsp

20 g / 0.6 oz
50 g / 1.6 oz

125 ml / 0.5 cup
1 tsp

2 tbsp
8 g / 0.25 oz
cold roast pork
pepper, salt
ground red pepper
red wine
gravy base
sheets gelatine

Serves 3 - 232 cal per serving
Prep-time: 20 min. - Total-time: 60 min.
This is also a good recipe to use any leftover roast. If you don't have any leftovers buy a small pork roast. Season the mustard with pepper, salt and paprika. Rub the meat with the mustard mixture. In a stewpot melt the shortening and sear the meat on all sides. Dice the carrots, celery, leeks, onions and garlic. Add to the pot and stew. Cast on the red wine and let the roast braise for approx. 50 min. Remove the roast from the sauce and let cool completely. For making the Jus skim off the fat from the sauce and take 1/8 l / 1/2 cup of the sauce, season with gravy base and salt. Add Madeira wine (or sherry). Prepare the gelatine according to directions. Warm the sauce and add the gelatine stirring constantly until dissolved. Pour the sauce in a flat, oblong container. Let set in the refrigerator.

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