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Cocktail Caipirinha

2 tbsp
125 ml / 4.75 oz
white cane sugar
ice cubes

Serves 1 - 452 cal per serving
Prep-time: 5 min. - Total-time: 5 min.
Wash the lime thoroughly and rub dry. Cut the lime into eighth and put in a double old fashioned glass. Sprinkle with 2 tbsp white cane sugar. This kind of sugar is finer and has a more tartly taste then regular granulated sugar. With a wooden stick or spoon squeeze the lime until enough juice is mixed with the sugar. The squeezed lime wedges remain in the glass. Put in the ice cubes and fill up with Cachaca. (Cachaca is a Brazilian sugar cane liquor) Add a small spoon to the glass. Everybody can self-adjusting the sweetness of the Caipirinha by stirring more or less.

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