Meatballs with Porcini SauceMexican Ham Rolls Milk Rolls

Mexican Ham Rolls

150 g / 5 oz
60 g / 2 oz
100 g / 4 oz
40 g / 1.5 oz
2 tbsp
1 tbsp

180 g / 6 oz
180 g / 6 oz
50 g / 2 oz
creme fraiche
Swiss cheese
lime juice
olive oil
chilli flakes
pepper, salt
roast beef, sliced
cooked ham
lollo bianco lettuce

Serves 3 - 636 cal per serving
Prep-time: 20 min. - Total-time: 20 min.
The meat rolls can be prepared a few hours before serving and are a decorative addition to a buffet. Dice the zucchini and cook for about 3 minutes in salted water. Drain and place in a food processor. Peel the avocado and remove the kernel. Dice and add to the zucchinis. Slice the spring onions and add to the mixer together with the creme fraiche, grated cheese, lime juice and olive oil. Process the ingredients. Season with chilli flakes, salt and pepper. You can also add a dash of sugar and cumin. Place one tablespoon of the avocado cream on each of the roast beef and ham slices and roll together. If desired the rolls can be cut in half. Boil the eggs until they are hard, allow to cool in cold water, remove the shells and cut into slices. Place the rolls on the lettuce leaves and decorate with the egg slices. Serve left over avocado cream as an additional dip to go with the rolls.

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