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Aniseed Cookies - Anis Cookies

250 g / 8 oz

250 g / 8 oz
1/2 tsp
egg yolks
powdered sugar
egg white
plain flour
ground aniseed

Serves 120 - 18 cal per serving
Prep-time: 15 min. - Total-time: 120 min.
Aniseed cookies need to dry over night before baking. Using and electric mixer whisk egg yolk with powdered sugar and salt for about 15 minutes until light in color. Whisk egg whites very stiff and carefully fold into egg yolk mix. Do not use mixer otherwise the mix won't be fluffy. Combine flour and ground aniseed and fold in the egg mix. Pour batter in a pastry bag with a large round tip. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper and pipe approx. 120 small cookies onto the baking sheets. Leaving a little space between cookies. The 'Aniseed Cookies will rise during baking. Let the 'Aniseed Cookies' dry over night at room temperature. On the next day pre-heat oven to 300 F / 150 C. Bake 'Aniseed Cookies' on the middle rung for about 25 minutes. Let cool on baking sheet.

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