Knuckle's of Pork with SauerkrautKoenigsberger Klopse Labskaus

Koenigsberger Klopse

200 ml / 7 oz
20 g / 0.6 oz
500 g / 1 lb
1/2 bunch

1 l / 4 cups


6 tsp
250 g / 9 oz
butter, unsalted
ground beef
anchovy filets
pepper, salt
Ground cloves
meat broth
bay leaves
whipping cream
egg yolks

Serves 3 - 728 cal per serving
Prep-time: 30 min. - Total-time: 90 min.
Koenigsberger Klopse - Meatballs in Caper Sauce This is an authentic recipe for Koenigsberger Klopse. This recipe will probably need a little more time to prepare but it's really worth it. Use a roll from yesterday, dice and soak in milk. Finely dice the onion and fry until glassy. Let cool and mix with the ground beef. Put the roll in a cheese cloth and squeeze out. Combine the roll with the ground meat. Add the egg and the finely chopped anchovy filet and mix. Chop the parsley and add. Keep the stems from the parsley for the broth. Season the ground meat with pepper, salt, nutmeg and ground cloves. Pour the broth in a pot and add stems of parsley, allspice, bay leaf, pepper corns and 3 tsp of capers (including the liquid). Let cook down. Fill up with water. Shape the ground meat into small meatballs, put into the broth and let steep for 10 minutes until done. Do not cook as the meatballs will get hard-bitten. Remove with a slotted spoon and keep warm. Remove all the spices. Add 2 tbsp. whipping cream to the egg yolks and stir together. Set aside. Add the remaining whipping cream to the broth and boil down until only half of the amount is left. Set the pot aside. Stir in the egg yolks, put back on the stove. On medium heat let thicken stirring constantly. Don't let the sauce come to a boil as the egg yolks would clot. Season the sauce with lemon zest and lemon juice. Season to taste with pepper, salt and nutmeg. Add the remaining capers and heat the meatballs in the sauce. Serve with boiled potatoes.

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