Bell Pepper SaladBerliner Weisse mit Schuss Bifteki

Berliner Weisse mit Schuss

0,33 l / 12 oz
2 cl / 0.6 oz
Berliner Weisse
raspberry syrup

Serves 1 - 151 cal per serving
Prep-time: 5 min. - Total-time: 5 min.
Berliner Weisse is a top fermented wheat beer, which is slightly cloudy due to the content of barm. The taste is slightly sourish. The alcohol content is very low (approx. 2.7% vol. of alcohol). Compared to other German beers this is one of the weakest. It's brewed in the area of Berlin and one of Berlin's delicacies. Because of it's sourish and tart taste it's commonly drunk with raspberry syrup or woodruff syrup. That's why it is called 'mit Schuss' (with a shot). It's served in a wide glass tumbler or goblet. It is a very refreshing drink especially during the hot summer time. Just add a shot glass / jigger full of your choice of raspberry or woodruff syrup to the Berliner Weisse and enjoy. You can find the Berliner Weisse in well-assorted liquor stores or supermarkets, which sell a variety of imported beers. Be careful sometimes the syrup is already added.

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