Pineapple-Quark-CremePizza Capricciosa Pizza Diavolo

Pizza Capricciosa

250 g / 8.3 oz

15 g / 0.5 oz
125 ml
5 g / 1 tsp
5 tbsp
1 can

90 g / 3 oz
50 g / 1.6 oz
1 can
plain flour
fresh yeast
olive oil
diced tomatoes
pepper, salt
cooked ham
fresh assorted mushrooms
artichoke hearts
pitted black olives
mozzarella cheese

Serves 3 - 752 cal per serving
Prep-time: 15 min. - Total-time: 60 min.
In a mixing bowl combine flour and salt. Dissolve fresh yeast in lukewarm water together with sugar. (If you can't get fresh yeast use dry yeast instead. For active dry yeast multiply fresh yeast quantity by 0.4. Don't forget that active dry yeast must be hydrated in water before adding to the dough. For using instant dry yeast multiply fresh yeast quantity by 0.33; hydrating in water is not necessary.) Add the yeast mix and olive oil to the flour and knead. Transfer dough to a plastic bowl and cover the bowl with a lid. Remove air from the bowl by lifting the lid slightly on one side. Cover tightly. Put the bowl in hot water. After about 20-30 minutes the dough has risen and the lid 'pops' off. Pre-heat the oven to 250 C / 480 F. Transfer dough to a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Flatten out the dough using your hands to form a round pizza. Pour diced tomatoes in a colander and let drain. Top pizza dough with tomatoes. Season with pepper, salt and oregano. Cut cooked ham into stripes and put on the Pizza Capricciosa. Clean and trim mixed mushrooms and put on pizza. Drain the artichokes; put on pizza. Slice pitted black olives and sprinkle over pizza. Top the pizza with diced fresh mozzarella cheese. Bake the 'Pizza Capricciosa' in the pre-heated oven at 250 C / 480 F on the middle rung. If desired drizzle hot chili oil over the Pizza Capricciosa (see recipe for 'Chili Oil').

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