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Canadian Apple Pancakes

100 g / 3.5 oz
125 g / 4.5 oz
2 tsp
0.5 tsp

0.3 L / 1.2 cup
150 g / 5 oz
3 tbsp

Serves 3 - 566 cal per serving
Prep-time: 30 min. - Total-time: 30 min.

--> Pancakes
Melt 20 g butter at low temperature for the Canadian Apple Pancakes and allow to cool. Mix flour with two, slightly heaped teaspoons of baking powder, baking soda and a pinch of salt. Add milk, melted butter and an average organic egg while stirring with a whisk. Let the dough swell for a few minutes. Peel, core and cut the apples into columns. Heat 20 g butter in a pan, sauté the apple slices in it on medium heat a few minutes until soft and mix with maple syrup. Heat the remaining butter in portions in a second pan. Bake no more than three pancakes at a time. Add 1 tablespoon of batter for each into the pan and turn the pancakes until the surface is slightly solid. Bake pancakes and keep them warm in the oven at 50°C/ 120°F. When all pancakes are finished, pile up several pancakes and top them with apple slices. If you like you can add some maple syrup on your Canadian Apple Pancakes.

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