In this category you'll find dishes mainly made with vegetables but none vegetarian. You'll find vegetarian recipes in it's own category. Though you'll find in this rubric recipes for vegetable side dishes such as potato dumplings or potato croquettes which are vegetarian but not a main course. If you are looking for a particular recipe with vegetables also note the categories vegetable casseroles, potato casseroles and pasta with vegetables. Vegetable recipes are also found in easy recipes and old (handed down) recipes. Vegetables are low in calories, healthy and a good source of vitamins. You should eat at least once a day vegetables, lettuce or raw vegetables. Fresh vegetables like carrotes, bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoes or turnip cabbage make a good snack to take to school or work. Even during a diet you always can eat fresh vegetables between your meals. Prepare vegetables fresh and gentle to keep the vitamins.

Pears, String Beans and Bacon

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